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ye jawani hai deewani_2

dreams. ambition. hope. disappointments. so much possibility. so many options. eager to jump. afraid to crash.

travel. first day at your first job. hectic days. sleepless nights. family. no time for them, suddenly. laughter, music, dance… friendship. best friend getting married. trying to understand the concept of marriage.trying to understand the concept of love. falling in love. falling out of love. falling in love again.

excitement.confusion. feeling invincible. feeling worthless. the feeling that things couldn’t possibly get worse. only to learn that they do in fact get worse.but only until they get better. making choices, taking chances, accepting change… The madness of youth!

The journey from a 21-year old to a 30-year old has had shades of all kinds. As the rest of life will too, undoubtedly. But there is something about one’s first tryst with adulthood which is particularly powerful… a kind of rawness, a lack of lived experience, no way of truly knowing what lies at the end of the road one is walking on, a constant seeking in the dark for the moments where life is full of light.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a cocktail of all these encounters and obsessions… It is a story of the exhilarating and terrifying journey of four characters as they navigate through their youth; from their carefree laughter as they set off on a holiday together in their colleges days, until their bittersweet tears as they watch the first of their bunch get married. It is an effort to somehow capture the spirit of their lives, wrestle with it and give it to our audience in a bottle. So that it might make them feel happy and joyful and sad and nostalgic. And like the characters in the film, it might make them seek for what it is, in all of the above, that truly gives our lives meaning…